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Recently, many record companies(shops) are closing or reducing their business in scale. There are some other factors for that, but one of them is definitely the arrival of online music. I wanna introduce this article because it is expressing my feeling for current music scene really well, and I cannot tell you guys what I’m thinking by my crappy English as well as he did in this article. Check it out.

How music-buying habits have changed ~How record shops changed my life~

I was born and raised in Tokyo, so I was not in the extreme situation like him. Also, I started to go to record shops frequently in last 2 or 3 years. Yet, I totally agree with him and this article makes us think about what we got and what we lost because of the arrival of digital music.

“For me the HMV store wasn’t just a place to buy music; walking into it felt a bit like slipping through the back of a wardrobe into Narnia.”

I like this sentence very much. Yes, the entrance of record shop is definitely the entrance of new world. To me, the feeling is completely different from the one you feel when you are looking for new discovery on youtube.

“it is true that today there is even more available online but it is not the same as seeing rows and rows of albums.”

Yes, it is. I cannot describe the feeling, but if you’ve been to any record shops, you can tell for sure.

Pain makes gain. In this case, pain can be time or money to go to record shop or paying for CDs or vinyls. This sacrifice is an important component for happiness that you can feel when you “physically” grab your treasure.

“virtual pleasures”

What you need for music? Just wanna listen awesome music? Yeah, of course the final destination where we want to reach out is getting a good music on your library. However, there are other things you can enjoy through music. See it. Touch it. Listen it. When you file you music with your own memories, the song is different from the one of other people. This whole experience gonna be your pleasures and treasures.


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