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Re: 4 Reasons Why Theo Parrish Is Wrong About Laptop DJs

I found an interesting interview and an article that is really “to the point” for my blog topic. Theo Parrish, one of pioneer DJs from Detroit, strongly insists the problem of laptop DJs in this interview. On the other hand, the author of this article completely argues against Theo’s idea. Click these links below, and check out the opinions of each side before you read my article. I wanna talk about this controversy based on the interview and the article.

link to: 4 Reasons Why Theo Parrish Is Wrong About Laptop DJs (You can access to Theo’s interview from this page.)

How did you feel when you watched the interview and read the article? To me, only in this debate, the author of this article is winning though I’m a big fun of Theo’s music and his style. This is my impression. What he mentions in his article is totally make sense, and there is no room to dispute his opinion when we consider about entire DJ culture. At the same time, I strongly feel I don’t wanna be like the blog author. It means that I really appreciate the development of technology and I think people should receive its benefit as much as they need. I’m also taking advantage of technology for my music style as “life”, but what I wanna say is that I still don’t wanna take his idea in my music style as “DJ”.

I won’t discuss specific topics in the article because each side’s opinion is “true” for each side. At this point, Theo’s extreme idea is wrong. He can’t deny digital culture. He shouldn’t say laptop DJs can’t be great DJs. Also, this is not true “Personalities magnetise crowds, equipment doesn’t” that is what the author states in his article. I don’t know exactly what he meant by the word “personality”, but equipment can definitely fascinate (more or less)people, equipment can definitely represent the styles of DJs, personalities of DJs. By what people are fascinated cannot be judged by DJ, but by people.

The factor that makes this argument endless is they are on different ways, in different fields. People who don’t even care about DJ’s equipment, for example, can have a good time at the same level whichever equipment a DJ uses. Yet, there are people who think DJ’s equipment, media, background and of course music, everything is a part of his personality and feel something from his DJing. Some people think the DJ who play only top chart music is better than legendary DJ like Theo Parrish. I cannot believe it. But, I shouldn’t say “These people are stupid” or “They are lacking of sense” because there are no correct and incorrect, there is only preference. It all depends on what people want. When the DJ’s style fits for the demand of audience, the gig gonna be epic both for the DJ and for the audience.

Like Theo Parrish, many vinyl DJs have a firm resolution and belief for their styles. Then I’m wondering that how many laptop DJs (In this case, laptop DJ means a DJ who started their DJ career as a laptop DJ and have never used another media.) have a strong persistence for their style, using laptop. Personally, I cannot find any reasons to use laptop for DJing except its convenience. As long as I’m on this way, I’ll never use laptop when I want to tell “something specific” to people by my music. That’s the reason why I don’t wanna be like the author of this article though his opinion makes sense to me.

Being unique means getting sympathy from people on the same way. At the same time, It means losing sympathy from people on the other side. I think to have my own style is almost self-satisfaction because it’s almost impossible to tell all audience exactly what I wanna tell through my DJing. But, It is really important to think about how I should be to tell my soul as much as possible.

Well, the blog author says “Jimi Hendrix wasn’t a DJ”. When I saw it, it made me think “what is a DJ?”. I thought Jimi Hendrix was not DJ as well, and also I thought DJ was a person who mixed music by turntables. In this definition, laptop DJ is DJ? No! However, laptop DJ is DJ for sure! So, DJ is a person who mix music by “his or her own way”? Did Jimi Hendrix always play his songs separately? He might sometimes transfer to next songs without taking a rest like DJing.

Jimi Hendrix,,,      might be,,,     a DJ.

Just saying.



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The Reason Why I Go To Record Shops Pt3(Last)

From the last 2 post, I’ve been talking about why I go to record shops. If you miss Pt1 and Pt2, please check them out first.

Before, I start to talk about the main topic, I wanna say thank you to people who left comments on my previous posts. This is actually my first blogging experience, and I realized how nice medium blog is and I’m really glad when someone reads my articles seriously and leaves a comment with their ideas. It is beneficial both for me and readers because I can get new hints for my future topics and I can know what kind of topic you want me to discuss. I wanna reflect your idea as much as I can.

Also, I’ve been saying some ideas from analog side so far. Yeah, in fact, I’m pretty much on analog side as I mentioned before. But, I wanna take a neutral stance through this blog. This is “not” a blog that I insist on and emphasize how analog(vinyl) is cool. This is “not” a blog that convince you guys that analog is superior to digital. I wanna introduce the weak points and the strong points of both sides and discuss what’s happening in current music scene on the point of media. This is my blog, so I should say my opinions. Still, I emphasize that I wanna talk about the topic objectively, and then clarify my position.

Thank you again for your comments and I need your help to make my blog more interesting one.

OK! Let’s move on and finish “The Reason Why I Go To Record Shops”.

3, I wanna go. So I go. that’s it!!

As a final reason for visiting record shops, I picked this stupid reason. At the same time, I think this is the strongest reason. When I started to go to record shops, I didn’t have any logical reasons for it. I just thought vinyl was cool(Also, I didn’t know this decision would make me spend so much money). I just like to look my collections on my shelf. Human beings tend to like putting logical reasons, sometimes complicated reasons, on what they are doing in order to satisfy themselves. Yet, in most case, the initial reason is pretty simple. “It’s cool.” “It’s easy.” “It’s convenient.” “My friends do it.” “I just didn’t know the other one.” All of these are good enough reasons to start something. While you get to like it more and more, you realize new idea and your style for it, but you will never forget the initial idea.

In DJ culture, many DJs seem to be on the same way. Some analog DJs say digital music is lacking of soul. Some digital DJs say the analog era has gone. But, nobody can deny the other side completely as long as both sides have strong points and weak points. Then, the factor that splits people into 2 sides is just “which strong point is stronger?”, “which weak point is weaker?”, and “which do you prefer?”.

If I say that, does this discussion lose its meaning? No. I’m just curious about their reason itself. I didn’t want to decide which better style is. I just think this is important to know the fact that there are very simple reasons behind their logical reasons.

When I play music in front of people, I sometimes wonder whether they do know I’m using vinyls or they don’t. I think many of them don’t care about it especially at a party or an event for mainstream people. Even though I noticed that, I wanna keep having my style. And I believe that DJ who plays music for only a few people understand his style is way cooler than DJ who can dance wasted people with top chart music at a mainstream club.

I wanna conclude this topic by this sentence. Though the reason is for yourself, not for another people, keep having your style helps you to go to next level. And… it’s… cool.


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