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The Fascinations Of Live Music

I’ve been talking about the fascinations of analog sounds and vinyls so far on my blog. Today I wanna talk about live music which is the original form of music and the ultimate analog sounds.

A few weeks ago, I had a great experience that made me feel like nothing can defeat live music. I went to Coachella which is a huge music festival in Southern California, and I realized again why people have been fascinated by music since thousands years(I don’t even know) ago.

It’s almost meaningless if I mention about how my experience was awesome because I cannot tell you exactly how I felt. If I say that, only thing you can say is “Oh, that’s cool!”. Only the way we can share the feeling is just buying the freakin expensive ticket for next year.

Anyway, what I’m thinking right now is what factor made the festival special for people? Was it the number of people? Was it because everybody took drugs? Was it the quality of sounds? Was it the number of speakers and woofers? Volume? Weather? Yeah, all of factors above made people excited for sure. But, I strongly believe the most biggest element is this feeling “What’s happening here right now can only happen here right now”.

Imagine that there are no artists on the stage. Festival staffs bring iPod and play their songs with the same sound system. The same amount of people, everyone is taking a drug and smokes weed, much higher volume than home, and such a nice weather. Do you think people can still be excited for it? Negative.

I think people were excited for the fact that the artist was playing only for this moment and It would never happen again. All things happens at a live are real-time. It means people can react to their performance and the artist also can react to the audience. If the guitarist plays a guitar solo which in not recorded on their CD, people get so excited. If the drummer stops playing accidentally, people would laugh. All the communications between people and the artist are real-time thing. It makes people heat up more, and it makes the artist excited more. This perfect circulation makes the live explode. You know, I’ve never thought about live music culture logically like this, but these things are definitely happening in everyone’s minds unconsciously.

I still remember a vocalist of punk rock band said like this at the music festival in Japan when I was there. “Recently, because of the arrival of online music, people don’t buy CDs and records. People don’t wanna pay for music. All musicians are having a hard time, more or less, to make their life as musicians. However, as long as people know the fascinations of live music, music will never die. MUSIC WILL NEVER DIE!!“.(after that, he took off his underwear.lol)

I was pretty impressed by the words he said. At the same time, his words made me worry about future music scene. If people stop buying music, musicians cannot make their life as he said. Then many musicians have to quit music. Music will never die, but “this music culture” may die as a result. I’m wondering how many people are thinking about that? As a music fan, each of us should think about this problem, and we should pay for the appreciation for the music and efforts of musicians. Unfortunately, we cannot discuss music culture without thinking about the market and industry, so called MONEY. Yet, because of that, we have a way to reflect our opinions on the music scene. Buy music, the band get popularity, then we can listen their music at a music festival. Every single person is a part of music culture, but this concept can disappear because free music doesn’t let us affect on music scene, doesn’t reflect our ideas on music scene.

How do you enjoy your music life? what you gonna do to keep it for the future? Don’t let YOUR music die.


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