My name is Takuro. I’m an exchange student of San Jose State University from Yokohama National University in Japan. I major in Physics, and I’m in my third year of my university. My academic goal is making a new sound from small particles by my unique way.

As you noticed, I’m very interested in music in a broad sense. Rather than that, to explain myself more accurately, I should say I’m pretty interested in sound itself. I’m a DJ in Japan(hopefully in the States, too) and I also compose songs by sampling. I organize a small monthly event with my friends in Japan. I use only analog stuff for both DJing and composing such as vinyls and analog sampler, not like CDJ or laptop. In my blog, I gonna talk about the reasons why I stick to analog stuff.

Many people ask me what kind of genre you play, but I cannot answer the question because I do not care about genres. I do care about sound itself. So, I play whatever I like. If you want to listen my mix, you can jump to My Sound Cloud. I do not have many mixes since I started to mix down my music to MP3 recently. Please leave your comments when you listen it.

Also, I like to learn about culture, history, movement, so-called background of my favorite music. Once you know about the background, it makes you feel something else when you listen the music. Actually, these knowledge let me have my own definition for my music and let me put my soul on my music when I spin my vinyls.

Since I came to the States just five month ago, my English is not good enough. Let me know if you find out something unclear. 乾杯!


2 responses to “About

  1. Hey, thanks for the critique of the article! You’re right, of course, there is no definite right or wrong here. The reason I felt so strongly about the issue is that as editor of Digital DJ Tips, I am in contact with countless musically talented people who are made to feel inadequate by old school DJs implying that there’s something somehow unauthentic about using whatever is in front of you to rock a party. Digital DJ Tips is about encouragement, and about standing up to the attitude that digital isn’t as valid as any other way of playing music. When vinyl DJs retire, the debate will have been won by the exciting new school who take the best of what’s gone before and run with it.

    • Thank you for your comment! I’m so impressed because I love to read your article and the editor read my article. How exciting is it?
      It was not critique. I just wanted to mention about “my style” after I said your article was completely valid. I like this quote “using whatever is in front of you to rock a party”. Yeah, we will see how DJ culture will change in the point of playing medium. I think next 10 years gonna be really important decade for DJ culture. But, I wanna keep having my definition for my DJing as long as I can do though I’m not professional, even not famous.
      I will keep checking out your article. It is really interesting for me. And please let me get hints for my blog from your article sometimes. My English is terrible, but I’m glad if you leave a comment again. Thank you very much!

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