Vinyl Revival

As a listening medium changes its shape and capability, a style of DJ has been changing as well. As far as I know, the first DJ emerged in late 70s. Until CDJ(the gear to spins CD instead of vinyl) was released in mid 90s, all DJs had used vinyls. Today, we can mix our music on our small laptop without special DJ gears thanks to the development of technology. People call these DJs like laptop DJ and USB DJ.

However, some DJs still keep using vinyls. They seem to stick to using vinyls and strongly hate to accept new technology. There are some general reasons to prefer to use vinyls, for example, the quality of analog sound is much better than digital sound. Digital sound is made up with each single “dots”. On the other hand, analog sound is one long “line”. That’s why vinyl has more warm and smooth sounds. But, CD and MP3 have still more strong points than vinyl for the DJs who have a lot of gigs all over the world. If they use digital stuff, they can pack all of their CDs or USB to one small suitcase. I cannot picture how many big boxes, that filled with tons of records, analog DJs bring to overseas for their tours.

Actually, I am one of analog DJs. Though I’m an exchange student of San Jose State University from Japan and I stay here only for a year, I keep buying vinyls here. Though we can download MP3 files for free, I pay for vinyls. Also, I’m scared how much it costs to ship all of them to Japan when I go back home. I understand that this is not a smart way. If I bought laptop DJ software, I could avoid this expense. Yet, somehow I have a strong feeling in my mind to keep using vinyl. At the same time, I’m still wondering why I adhere to vinyl this much and I’m still looking for the reason that explains my feeling well. Through this blog, I wanna introduce some analog DJ’s opinion for their DJing. I hope I can get hints to my feeling from their ideas.

Another topic of this blog is this. Recently, CD sales is incredibly decreasing because of the popularization of MP3. But, there is one medium that increase its sales. It is vinyl. People started to revaluate vinyls for some reasons. What is the factor of this movement?

I also want to talk about recent movement of DJ culture. For example, Ustream allow people to broadcast their music anytime, anywhere. How does it affect on current music scene?

If I find something interesting related to DJ or music culture, I would like to discuss it.



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5 responses to “Vinyl Revival

  1. It’s always very interesting to view other musicians thoughts about music. The history, the artists, the sound waves, the technology, the movements all play a part in the music world we live in now. Talking about something as simple as vinyl vs. everything else is such a compound idea and is very detailed in itself. I hope you find what you are looking for and good luck bringing all your prized treasures back to Japan.


    • I think the reason why we are interested in that is there are no correct answers for it. Everyone has different ideas for it.

      Haha! thanks! I hope you come to Japan with me when I go back, and help to carry them to my

  2. Ryohei

    I’m definitely interested to see the data showing that the sales of vinyls are increasing. Is it actual numbers or is it just the percentage? Is the secondhand market included?
    Sorry to sound so petty, I just purely want to know.

    • Yeah, the sales of vinyl is growing, not percentage, number itself. I’m looking for a statistical data of it cos I just heard ” it’s increasing” and do not know the detail.
      But, it actually make sense for me cos many people, not DJs, buy CDs and just put the songs into iTunes. If they don’t focus on collecting a CD itself, I mean they need only the data, these people would really appreciate the progress of technology that allows them to get music for free. And they won’t buy CDs anymore. But, some people are not satisfied with the invisible music medium. They want to get something touchable and want to put their collections on their shelves. But, CD has no differences from MP3 music on the point of sound, and some of them move to vinyl I guess. Actually, the prices of vinyls are increasing in the States according to the increase of demand.
      This topic gonna be interesting if I can find the statistics.

    • To me, I don’t feel “This is my estate!!” to invisible music. When It is visible and touchable, I think “This is my estates!!”, “This is my history!!”. I don’t know why. The same thing might happen to another people.

      Plus, another perspective, people might still don’t trust invisible, untouchable stuff. I’m just saying. This is one possible reason from psychological view point. I’m not familiar with Psychology

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